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She Wasn't Her :iconcrimsonvalentine0:CrimsonValentine0 0 0
Mature content
Intensity :iconcrimsonvalentine0:CrimsonValentine0 0 0
Of Roses and Superheroes
:iconcrimsonvalentine0:CrimsonValentine0 2 0
OC Profile 2: Ryan Anders
OC Profile 2:
Full Name: Ryan Anders
Nickname: Ry
Alias: Starlight
Group Affliation: Young Justice
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Nationality: American
Race: half-human, half-Tamarian
Height: 5'3
Weight: 100
Hair: Long, red
Eyes: Big and Round, dark green
Birthday: 5/5/95
Star Sign/Chinese Zodiac/Blood Type: Taurus/Pig/B
Lifestyle: On Tamarian, Ryan was treated as if she was a insect due to her blood line. She was treated decently since she was royalty, but Corey, her older sister, treated her wrong and mentally tortured her. She was trained on self-defense, martial arts, and etc. for protection. On Earth, she's like every other kid with a twist. Wakes up, freshens up, eats breakfast, goes to school, hangs out with her friends (Wally and his friends), but if needed to, fights crime with the Young Justice.
Body Type: between Slim (Skinny, but not anorexic, and easy to sh
:iconcrimsonvalentine0:CrimsonValentine0 0 0
Sixth Sense OC Profile 1
Full Name: Analine Christopher
Nickname: Ana
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Nationality: American
Race: Human/Demon
Height: 5'4
Weight: 109
Hair: Short/Dark violet
Eyes: Big And Round/Medium Orange
Birthday: 1/1/93
Star Sign/Chinese Zodiac/Blood Type: Capricorn/Goat/A
Body Type: Slim
Clothing Style:
Simple: likes to rock it with just a plain T-shirt and jeans! Nothing too flashy, just plain and simple! Most common choice and easy for beginners.
Preppy: usually classy and clean-cut and always match. Use bright colors for the clothes, but don't go overboard. Common items include polos, vests, sweaters, blazers, khaki pants, shirts, Bermuda shorts, and tennis and golf-like clothes.
Fancy: aristocratic and high social status fancy
Punk/Rock: often be seen wearing old beat up clothing with scratches. Common items include chains, gloves, ska
:iconcrimsonvalentine0:CrimsonValentine0 1 0
Two Sister's Tale 2
Chapter 2: New Divide
Kitty, now Zutara, shot her pistols in a quick manner at the policemen. Falcone's men thanked her, and they attacked their own policemen. Zutara slid between the legs of one of them, aiming at his spine when she was out in the open.
The bullet paralyzed him below the waist, and Zutara turned heartlessly to the warehouse, walking in gracefully and cocking her pistols at the policemen. She smirked enticingly, and she took cover from their bullets.
Peaking around the corner, she shot two of them then one as he came charging at her. She rolled her green eyes at their pathetic attempts to shot her down. Besides, she's had more experience than they ever had.
Where she's from once you're out on the streets, you got to fight for survival. It's either you hunt of be hunted.
"Well, well, it's Joker's new flower," a sultry voice murmured, and Zutara whirled around aiming both her pistols at the intruder. Before her was the infamous Catwoman. "Watch where you point tho
:iconcrimsonvalentine0:CrimsonValentine0 2 12
Mature content
Two Sister's Tale 1 :iconcrimsonvalentine0:CrimsonValentine0 0 0
Two Sister's Tale
Introduction: Memory
Striking green eyes watched sadly as a girl hurriedly threw two tank-tops into a duffel bag. Ebony bangs shadowed the green eyes mysteriously, and the other girl turned, identical green eyes meeting her stare.
"Sorry, Alli," the girl said, ruffling her hair lovingly. "I would take care of you, but, knowing your stubbornness, you won't change your mind."
"Alli" puffed out her cheeks, crossing her arms. She cocked her head to the side. All an act to show resistance just to make the other girl stay. The girl smiled bleakly.
"Someone has to be here when Mom comes home from her overseas job," Alli retorted quietly.
The smile dropped.
"You still don't it get, do you," the girl's voice became harsh as she spoke. "In this family, it's every person for their self. Mom doesn't give a shit about our safety. Get that in your fucking nine-year-old head, Allison Marie."
Allison looked down, hurt, but the girl didn't show any reaction to this as she turned to the window
:iconcrimsonvalentine0:CrimsonValentine0 2 0
Mature content
The Demon's Friend :iconcrimsonvalentine0:CrimsonValentine0 1 2
Say You Like Me
You were sitting in your desk, hand propping up your chin as you stared out the window in boredom. But you were anticipating a certain someone to walk in through the homeroom door and say something to you. Is he even here today, you wondered.
Just as you wondered it, he came walking through the door, hands stuffed into his pockets and Kojuro trailing behind him as usual. He walked down your row even though his desk was all the way across the room.
"Hey." He said to you. You flushed, and your heart hammered.
He smirked and glided away with smugness and a pleased look in his eyes. You looked outside the window again, and you watched as the cherry blossoms in the tree across your classroom swayed. You smiled.
At Lunch
You sat comfortably underneath aforementioned cherry blossom tree, and you sighed contently, resting your head against the bark of the tree.
"So, this is where you eat lunch at." A oh-so-familiar voice quipped, and you nearly choked on your food in shock.
You stared a
:iconcrimsonvalentine0:CrimsonValentine0 4 0
Kiss Me in the Morning
Sanada (Name) slept soundly until she felt something soft brush against her forehead. Her eyes flew open, and she shot up into a sitting position. Looking around for the culprit, she quickly became distracted at the sight of her brother half on the bed, half off the bed. She grinned and chuckled in amusement.
She looked at her digital clock, and she nearly screamed at the time it said. Throwing the blankets off, she flew out of bed and to her brother's side. It would be a pain to wake him up, but they both would be late to homeroom anyway.
"Big brother! Yukimura! Wake up or I'll go get water and dump it on your face!" She threatened, but Yukimura snored. She groaned.
The front door's doorbell rang, and she rushed to go get it. Her heart began to race once she saw who rang it. Sarutobi Sasuke, her brother's best friend, grinned cheerily at her.
"Mornin', (Name)!" He greeted, stepping inside.
Masamune flashed her a smirk as he walked in with Kojuro greeting her with a gentle smile after
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OC Profile 1
Full Name: Alisabeth Jones
Nickname: Lis
Alias: Indigo
Group Affiliation: The League of Colors
Group Rank: Separated into the Stealth and Melee Combat Branch
The Group Operates By: each member is separated into different branches with people who have the same abilities as them.
Age:  13
Gender: Female
Nationality: American
Race: Human
Height:  5'2
Weight:  119
Hair:  light brown; reaches a little past her shoulders
Eyes: big and round light green-blue
Birthday: 6/27/1998
Star Sign/Chinese Zodiac/Blood Type:  Cancer (Crab)/Tiger/Type B
Ethnicity: American; light brown hair that reaches past her shoulders, big and round light green-blue eyes, is 5'2 and weighs 119, has a slim body
Hair Style: Medium
Clothing Style:  Emo/Scene and Simple
• <b>
:iconcrimsonvalentine0:CrimsonValentine0 0 0
Of Vongola and Young Justice
They ran. They ran as fast as they could to reach their destination. Tsuna with her long chocolate hair and sepia eyes, Yamamoto with his messy black hair and hazel-ginger-colored eyes, and Gokudera with his silver tendril hair and emerald green eyes. They wore the colors most fitting to them. Tsuna with orange, Yamamoto with blue, and Gokudera with red.
Tsuna ran a little in front with Yamamoto to her right and Gokudera to her left. She wore orange cyber goggles, orange suspenders, orange arm-warmers, orange shorts, black boots, black stockings, her 027 mittens, black pairs of crossing belts, black short cardigan that stopped below her breasts and elbows, a chain, a white choker. She had black eyeshadow.
Yamamoto had a black cotton shirt, black sleeveless sport jacket, black pants that tucked into his black boots, dogtags, a black wristband, a black ninja glove, a ocean blue cyber punk belt, and a ocean blue belt. His sword was strapped to his side by the belt.
Gokudera had black glas
:iconcrimsonvalentine0:CrimsonValentine0 2 0
Tsuna panted, his breaths visible puffs of smoke. Blood dribbled down his mouth, the substance stained his clothes in several places, and he felt the cold burn his injuries. The crunchy snow melted and wet his jeans.
With one last kick to the stomach, Tsuna was down for the count. He felt unconciousness at the edge of his fading gaze, and he gritted his teeth in self-hatred.
Why wasn't he strong enough to fight back? He pounded a tight fist into the ground in anger. At the sound of footsteps crunching the snow approaching him, his sepia eyes drifted to the sound.
A man with a fedora towered over him, and Tsuna stared in amazement and puzzlement up at him.
"Who... are you?" He asked without thinking.
A thin and barely caught smirk crossed the man's lips.
"I am Reborn, the world's greatest hitman," Reborn stated. "Pleasure to meet you, Sawada Tsunayoshi. I am your home tutor."
"'Home tutor'?" The young boy tested the words, and he gave the man a glare. "I don't need a home tutor? My grad
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Mature content
Bulletproof Love :iconcrimsonvalentine0:CrimsonValentine0 0 0
Mature content
Dirty Talk :iconcrimsonvalentine0:CrimsonValentine0 1 0


Kai-Lea by dreamarian Kai-Lea :icondreamarian:dreamarian 1,683 481 good-bye mind by loundraw good-bye mind :iconloundraw:loundraw 4,809 159 THX by Jabberwonky THX :iconjabberwonky:Jabberwonky 46 10 Staz Vlad -bloody ver.- by Saku-shii Staz Vlad -bloody ver.- :iconsaku-shii:Saku-shii 26 3 Staz x Fuyumi (BLOOD LAD) by CrAzYLove97 Staz x Fuyumi (BLOOD LAD) :iconcrazylove97:CrAzYLove97 164 32 Vampire x Ghost (BLOOD LAD) by CrAzYLove97 Vampire x Ghost (BLOOD LAD) :iconcrazylove97:CrAzYLove97 66 17
When the Rose Fades - VI
Disclaimer: I don't own Sengoku Basara. However, the reluctant heroine of this piece, Ichijou Akoya (now Date Akoya), is mine.  
A/N: Any Engrish that Date uses will be in bold type.

Hard, calloused fingers traced the curve of her cheek, trailing down her neck and hooking the lapels of her kimono. Akoya held herself still through the touch, breathing slowly and deeply, assimilating the sensation.
It's warm, she thought with some surprise. Warm and firm. Doesn't hurt, either. She wondered if her husband's anger had diffused far enough for him to regain his former tolerant equilibrium, then tossed it away as an unlikely possibility. In her experience, samurai did not forgive – or forget – easily. They don't forget at all.
So when he asked in that smooth, low voice if she had any objections to him touching her the way he was, she forced herself to shake her head and indicate acquiescence. But
:iconnaqaashi:Naqaashi 4 18
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:iconjbramx2: :iconbatman: :iconettelle: :iconmontyoum: :iconzephyros-phoenix: :iconlilth-vaan:



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